They call them loons because the only time they can be seen is during a full moon. At least, that’s what most people think. But Sheila and I, we had heard the laughs and cries at night, the ones most people think are animals or maybe the wind. Andy didn’t believe us when we told him about it. That’s why all of us were hugging ourselves, shaking in the freezing air of the winter’s night. My teeth were chattering harder than a jackhammer. Andy kept complaining about the cold and we asked if he wanted to go back. He’d shut up every time we asked and then forget and start up again.

It was easy to find the way in the moonlight. The way the light reflected off the snow made this winter’s night look like day. Sheila laughed as she crunched her way through a loose part of the snow and her foot went down til her knee was buried. Andy helped her back up, his hands lingering a little too long on hers once she was clear.

Then we heard it. The hyena’s laugh, the crying of the cat, those strange animalistic noises that only belonged to one animal: human.


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