Her head cocked to the side. She was clad all in black, ruffles spilling out from her like feathers.

“What have you come for?” she asked, her voice a high song. There was a skittering in the back and it broke the spell of her gaze. I looked to the source of the sound, below and to the right. A fluffy white cat, a ball of light in the middle of this dark sanctuary, cantered away from a book that had fallen, head held high as if it hadn’t clumsily bumped into it.

“I… I was told you had a curative,” I replied. My voice felt unsure – too thin and shaky. Marla hadn’t told me the Raven would be so…

“Yes,” she confirmed, clarifying nothing further. Except, just the slightest tilt of her head, as if I should look further.

I looked past her to the wall of vials. Oh. Right. This was sort of what she did. Caruaghan’s eyes, I felt dumb.

“Yes, yeah, uh, I need it for…” This was all so stupid. I should just go back. Leave.

The Raven turned away and began to fiddle with something behind her. Great. I bored her.

“I’m so sorry, I should just…” I began, but she cut me off, spinning to hand me a bottle.

“There’s a darkness you need curing of. Here.”


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