I was lost – I was certain then.

I’d refused to believe it at first. And for the next three hours. But after the fifty-millionth turn into an alley I couldn’t avoid no matter how hard I’d tried, it was time to admit the truth.

I was absolutely and irrevocably lost.

I dropped my bag and leaned up against a fairly nondescript brick wall next to me in defeat.

I mean, it was pretty nondescript. Especially considering that I fell right through it. I was stuck on that – how mundane that wall was – because that was something my brain could process.

What it couldn’t process was the lush fairy land that lay inside of it. I felt the cool, dewy moss dampening my pants and shirt. I looked up into a night sky clear of clouds and reigned over by a purple moon. Fireflies danced in the twilight. The air was crisp and floral.

I reached forward to press into the space that once held the wall that brought me here, but it was gone.

I don’t know that I wanted to leave this quiet utopia for the city quite yet, but I wanted to make sure I had a way back. I ran around in circles, once again retracing my path and losing myself but the way I came in was nowhere to be found.

I could have mourned the loss of what was once my life, but I just grabbed my bag and began walking into the life that was to be.


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