Dinner Preparations

Gaia plunged her hand into the colander full of fresh, bright vegetables as the water ran over it all. Soft, delicate hands joined hers and a warm, thin body nuzzled in behind hers.

“Good evening,” Anabel whispered, pecking the side of Gaia’s neck before Anabel’s damp hands wrapped themselves around Gaia’s middle. Gaia let out a slight yelp.

“Ah! Cold,” she giggled before turning around in Anabel’s embrace and bringing her own wet hands to Anabel’s neck. Anabel exhaled quickly and pressed a smiling kiss into Gaia’s lips.

“How was work?” the shorter woman asked, bringing her still damp hand into the bun holding Anabel’s long black hair, releasing a cascade of wavy, ebony locks. Anabel twisted her neck around, trying to escape the dampness of her wife’s playful fingers as her hair fell around her shoulders.

“The kids were really good today! We finger-painted dinosaurs after the museum trip and made up names for them,” Anabel detailed, her strong, thin fingers gently working into Gaia’s back as the shorter woman let out a sigh.

“I did the dishes before I started dinner, and cleaned up around the house.”

“It smells nice in here, everything looks great,” Anabel observed. She turned her wife around and more intently worked her hands into her shoulders, “Oh, honey, you’re so tense.”

“I know,” Gaia whimpered, “but I just really wanted the house to be clean today.”

“You did great, sweetie,” Anabel cooed, pressing a kiss onto the knot she had just worked through.

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