His mother had warned him about the sirens before Lysander joined the crew of the Queen’s Delight. He’d read so many stories of women with exotic and beautiful voices, irresistible to the ears of man since then. He had originally joined the crew looking for adventure and good pay for good work, but the more of these stories he heard, the more he desired to encounter these strange and beautiful creatures for himself.
He knew it was mad, but he had always had a keen interest in music. In every port, he demanded the locals teach him a new song and each day as he ran the lines and mopped the deck with tar, his voice rang out with each new lesson.
What lessons these sirens could teach, what songs they must have learned if they were as ancient as the stories say. Is each immortal, or do they breed with the men before they kill them? Some would say so. He had so many questions.
Tonight, they tread through uncertain waters. The captain warned the rocks held close to the water’s edge and would be difficult to see. Lysander had a keen eye, though so he wasn’t too worried about keeping at his duty.
Suddenly, as he was about to end his watch for the night, he heard it – a single solitary, ghostly, haunting soprano releasing an aria. He stood and walked to the edge of the Nest, trying to get closer. Impatiently, he footed at the ropes beneath him waiting for the bell. Each minute he wasted not moving closer to the voice he felt a panic overwhelm him. Finally, he could no longer wait for the bell and slid down the ropes as fast as he could manage.

Where was it coming from? Starboard? He ran, passing the bell. Clark was nowhere to be seen, no wonder it had not rung. They were without a watchman now. Lysander would check in and wake the next man just as soon as he had found the voice. It pulled him to the stern now-

What was that? A sensual alto joined in perfect harmony with the soprano. Any control he had over his body was quickly lost, and Lysander jumped over the railing and into the murky black tide.
A crash, the wailing creak of broken wood, the screams of the men inside who could not hear what was without, and the Queen’s Delight sunk slowly and painfully into the ocean.

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