The Sandmen

We travel a lot. The wind takes us where it will. Sometimes the sun will catch us and we flicker and shine, but no one ever notices us, not until we want them to. We are drawn to the sleepers, to the unconscious so that we can make dreamers.

Night after night, we flicker through the air. Night after night, we spark adventures without a care. Each dreamer whose thoughts we caress and create awakes in the morning to birth our new mates. They’ll never quite know and they’ll never quite see the cause of their dreams and nightmares. We never quite mean to haunt or scare, but sometimes we get stuck on a stray piece of hair and get lost on our way in their minds. Each morning the dreamers wake from our gifts and try to recollect what now they may never find again.

We love to flick about through the air, fresh and new after a night of dream making. We hope what we leave behind serves our vessels well. Some find inspiration, some are more drawn to madness. But never will we cease our need to dream make and forever will we flick about through the air.

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