No Beginnings

Beginnings don’t exist.

This is the first conceit you must accept before enlisting in the time travel brigade. There is no room for paradox, and without a beginning there can be no end and there can be no paradox. If a woman goes back in time to kill Hitler before the Holocaust she could not succeed because without it we would not have time travel. This doesn’t justify the Holocaust, it just means we cannot erase it.

Once you’ve accepted that there are no beginnings, that there is only what came before, it’s hard not to think time is cyclical. We cannot impact our past, but we can impact our future, and in the future, at some point, there might be another Holocaust, another Blackbeard, another Jesus, another Library of Alexandria.

This is why I joined the Brigade – to find those beginnings. It was created to learn intimately the details of our past so that we may improve our futures and overwrite the history that had been written by those who had won wars with stories of those who had been slain or suppressed.

But why just fine-tune history when you can improve it? They used to think that was possible in the old days, back before we figured out the logistics. Before we learned the impossibility of paradox.But time is cyclical. So either I’ll discover where our beginnings are or I’ll perish in the pursuit of it. I’m willing to find out.

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