Rip Van Winkle

People always talk about Rip Van Winkle losing his life to the fairies’ whims. But that’s just what space travel does to you, it sedates you and suddenly it’s years, decades, centuries later. Your family, if they’re not on the same pod, could very well be dead and long gone. It’s always possible that you are the sole surviving specimen of your kind.

Some people travel to go to new, exciting places, or because they’re filled with some form of greatness under it all.

And some people, like me, need to escape.

Some people are so weighted down with the world they once lived in. Some people are haunted by choices of their past. Some people just need a break.

It’s very possible the things that tangle my past could take my path and hunt me down, but until it happens, I don’t have to deal with it. I just hop on the shuttle, take a little nap, and I’m decades in the future. Nobody knows where I’m going. Nobody can stop me. And most importantly, nobody will know me. Not anymore.

No regrets, or at least none that mean enough to stop me, and it’s time to hop on the shuttle.

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