The New Dreaming

It’s amazing how many lives were spent just dreaming. Not in the sense of our modern world, where people mindlessly attend to each task with their heads elsewhere, or take a job in retail to get them through school so they can attend to their goals in the downtime, but really, truly, just dreaming. This wasn’t your grandmother’s black and white dream of yesteryear, or today’s dreams of mere sensory impression, either. These were the dreams of the future: fully rendered 3-D worlds you can taste, touch, and smell, instead of just hear and see. People didn’t have imaginations anymore, they would opt out of that in favor of guided dreams with a beginning, middle, and an end.  Conflicts were orchestrated by a talented few so people felt productive by the time a new dream would start. At first dreams started to imitate movies and television, but soon the dreams overtook them in technology.

In a sense, dreaming was the new media. At first, it was just dedicated fans of the new dreaming popping in for a whopping eight hours, and then going about their day. And then the new dreaming became so irresistible some never left.

Not everyone could afford to dream their entire lives, of course, and when I talk about the sheer numbers, I ignore other walks of life, because I didn’t see them. All I saw was rows and rows and rows of humans, just dreaming. Chills ran through my spine when I glimpsed into that future. But at least I woke up.

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