Sir Luna and the Giantess

The time had finally come. After battling tooth and nail with the worst monsters anyone had ever imagined – from the devious to the demented – Sir Luna was finally face to face with his greatest foe. She leered back at him, goo dripping from in between her raggedy incisors. She towered a hundred feet over the largest tree, but that didn’t stop her from daintily (as dainty as is possible for a giant of her caliber) jumping from one foot to the other as he rode around evasively beneath her.

“Foul giant, I have come to slay thee!” Sir Luna screamed,  swinging a fabulously rhinestoned sword through any plant matter that dare impede his way. He could not hear her words but for their shrill and piercing tone. He began to attune himself to the pattern she created with her shifting, and laughed, charging full speed at the place where her foot would land.

Hands shifted between pulling up her thick skirt so she could see her feet and covering her mouth and eyes. In the distance a dull rhythmic roar plowed its way closer.

It was then that the foot came down, and Sir Luna knew his life was at stake, but nothing could stop him from staking her through the foot. She screamed, the most ear-piercing cry yet, and fell to the ground, crushing several trees along the way. Sir Luna cheered himself as he raced his way to her heart – before she could get up.

And just moments before striking, a deep, thunderous yell came from above – another giant! – and quickly afterwards a splat.

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